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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Dec 13, 2023

As we coast through a quiet Finals Week, the fellas gather to break down the past 7 days of basketball - and look ahead to an insane Saturday. Discussion topics include weekly winners/losers, discussions on the MVC and ACC, checking in with Ky's Lopsided Lovelies, Matt's My Guys, and plenty more!

The Weavers also briefly touch on the potential implications of the temporary restraining order filed against the NCAA to prevent restriction of eligibility. The ruling had just come out as we recorded, so we did not have a chance to discuss individual teams that are most impacted. 

The Rundown
(0:10) - Intro
(6:03) - Root's Roundup
(21:21) - Weave Saw That
(29:04) - Three Man Thoughts
(1:05:34) - Previews (and a Review)