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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Sep 29, 2022

Preview season continues with the Ess Eee Cee -- better known as the SEC to you college sports fans! Last year was a strange one for the league: six teams comfortably in, no one snuck in on the bubble (much to College Station's chagrin). Arkansas' run to the Elite Eight saved the league from a rather ignominious NCAA...

Sep 21, 2022

We kick off power conference preview season with the West Coast Best Coast schools of the Pac 12. Every team is broken down in detail, standings are given, takes are had. 

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Sep 14, 2022

High Mid-Majors? Hybrid High-Mid-Majors? High Major Minors? Minor Majors? 

Whatever stupid descriptor floats your boat, hop aboard the deepest of dives into the American and the Mountain West conferences as our preseason coverage continues...


>>> Intro (0:00)
>>> Root’s Roundup (4:45)
>>> Mountain West...

Sep 8, 2022

The season is two months away, which means preview season has fully arrived!

The boys kick off the formal preview pods with the WCC aka Gonzaga's playground (93-4 the last six years, lol), discussing final standings and all-conference plus a team-by-team breakdown. Then they do it all over again with the A10 - and yes,...

Sep 1, 2022

It's our annual Mid-Major Extravaganza! The boys dive into 22 leagues and give our takes on the favorites, the contenders, and key storylines. It's fun, it's long, and it's oh so exciting. Hoops!

The Rundown:

(0:00) Intro

(4:22) Root's Roundup (News & Notes)

(9:10) Mid-Major Extravaganza (MVC, SoCon, CUSA, CAA, WAC,...