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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Aug 26, 2022

Before running through the Weave's consensus top-40 rankings (#40 through #16), we blitz you with insufferable promotional fodder about our first born child: The College Basketball 2022-23 Almanac!

Do the noble thing and purchase this sucker here ... then, you may pass (and proceed to the episode)...

The Rundown:


Aug 18, 2022

Seven years of hoops. Six NCAA Tournament champions in the mix, plus countless more elite squads that did not quite reach the summit of their individual seasons. Now they're all pitted against each other in one mighty bracket challenge, built to determine: which team is the CHAMPION of the seven-year Weave Era?


Aug 10, 2022

The boys are back with another exciting episode! In this pod we break down some of the most intriguing storylines to watch this upcoming season. Topics range wide and far... wide and far.

The Rundown:

(0:00) Intro

(5:45) Root's Roundup (News & Notes)

(17:53) Storylines

Aug 3, 2022

As the summer creeps along, the Weave settles the score of who won and who lost in the offseason arena of roster management!


The Rundown:

(0:10) - Intro

(6:15) - Root's Roundup

(20:17) - Offseason Winners!

(45:40) - Offseason Losers!