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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

May 11, 2022

On this offseason episode, the Weavers hand out grades to the power conference and high-major coaching hires. We discussed the improved situations across the landscape while also *trying* to mix in some negativity where applicable. We know grade inflation is a scourge on society, but hey, there weren't many dumpster fires on which to throw timber!

We did not hit all 57 hires (plus two remaining openings), but we ended with some winners in the mid-major landscape, as well. 

The Rundown:
(0:08) - Intro and Reviews
(8:45) - Root's Roundup (News, Recruiting, Transfer)
(30:55) - Coaching Hires
(31:22) - SEC
(39:59) - Big East
(48:42) - ACC
(53:21) - Big 12
(55:30) - Big Ten
(59:00) - American
(1:03:38) - WCC
(1:07:18) - Atlantic 10
(1:13:28) - MVC
(1:16:42) - Mid-Major Favorites

(no coaching changes in the Pac-12 or Mountain West)