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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Feb 14, 2024

It's Love Day, so we talk about something we love: College Basketball. A nation turns its head away from football and onto us, the Three Men of the Weave. Lots of good stuff to talk about today including the Holtmann firing, Monster Wins, Wisconsin, Gonzaga, 6-Bid Mountain West, Iowa State, & more!

The Rundown:

(0:00) Intro

(3:44) Root's Roundup (Holtmann, Skyy Clark, Indiana State, & more)

(18:35) Weave Saw That (Monster wins, triple-doubles, Drake/Evansville, & more)

(30:33) Three Man Thoughts (Wisconsin, Gonzaga, Iowa State, Baylor, Mountain West, & more) 

(1:09:00) Game Previews (UNM/SDSU, Marq/UConn, UK/Auburn, Creighton/Butler, KU/OU, & Wake/UVA)

(1:21:38) Reviews (Momentum & Big-margin wins)