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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Feb 25, 2021

On our final episode before magical March arrives, we take a look at the rising bluebloods, the two remaining winless squads, mull over the bubbly Mountain West, and of course - give an update on our favorite Mercer fan forum. We also brought back the mega-abridged Root's Roundup intro...

The Rundown:
0:00 - Intro and...

Feb 18, 2021

The episode is historic because it holds the creation on a brand new section: Fan Forum Findings (working title). Yes, we stroll through the drama of a certain Mercer fan page discussion to cap off a Three Man Thoughts section that includes soap boxes on Gonzaga, Luka Garza, and more. Heavy Loyola and...

Feb 11, 2021

A hearty serving of Big Ten chatter is sprinkled throughout tonight's 'sode but we shine a spotlight on three titillating mid major tilts as well - on this platform, no fanbase is left behind…


>>> Intro (0:00 - 14:47)

>>> Root’s Roundup (14:47 - 29:03)

>>> Three Men Thoughts (29:03 - 57:00)

  • PVAMU Panthers,...

Feb 4, 2021

The boys put on their econ caps and get deep in the weeds of college basketball. This episode is full of rants, previews, reflections, and fun!

The Rundown

0:00 - Intro (Review Questions!)

13:15 - Root's Roundup (News & Notes)

14:50 - Key Headlines (Keyontae Johnson)

15:34 - Coaching News (John Chaney & more)

17:42 -...