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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Jan 18, 2018

And we back, and we back, and we back... The Weave are back with a new segment "Fool me Thrice" where we spit dragon fire all over the NCAA. We catch you up on all the relevant college basketball news and touch on some of the best games of the upcoming weekend. The Rundown: 0:00 - Intro 3:54 - Root's Roundup (News & Notes) 16:03 - Three Man Thoughts (Last week's takeaways) 31:19 - Fool me Thrice (ridiculously scorching hot fireballs) 43:12 - Previews 43:34 - St. Mary's v. Gonzaga 46:50 - TCU v. Kansas State 50:49 - Arizona v. Stanford 52:26 - Florida v. Kentucky 54:59 - Wichita State v. Houston 57:54 - Western Kentucky v. Middle Tennessee