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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Jun 1, 2023

A wild May 31 NBA Draft deadline brought some shocking decisions. Several likely selections (Shannon! Bona! EDEY!!) returned to the college ranks, while more fringe prospects opted to leave school (Powell? Audige?). We dug into a ton of the more surprising choices, breaking down the impact on the 2023-24 season.

Winners (FAU!) and losers (Big Blue Nation, frowny face) emerged, as well, and we gave a shout to the teams that ended up faring best (or worst) on a huge day for college hoops. 

To close it out, each Weaver gave his Top 5 as of June 1st!

The Rundown
(0:10) - Intro
(4:45) - Root's Roundup (Biggest transfer news)
(13:25) - Draft Deadline Overview
(14:13) - Surprising Decisions - staying in school
(38:29) - Surprising Decisions - leaving for the pros
(45:04) - Winners (FAU, Illinois, Villanova, Michigan State, others)
(56:30) - Losers (Kentucky, Marquette, UConn, Washington St., others)
(1:08:56) - Top 5 Discussion