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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

May 18, 2019

We take a look back at our gambling records from 2018-19 and reflect on our most and least profitable teams. We dig into some overarching themes from an against-the-spread perspective and discuss takeaways for the upcoming year. Plenty of news & notes also provided. The Rundown: 0:00 - Intro & Trivia 5:57 - Root's Roundup (New & Notes) 6:17 - Coaching News (John Beilein & Michigan) 9:57 - NBA Draft News (Staying & Going, Tacko Fall, and more) 18:04 - Recruiting News (Memphis and more) 21:37 - Transfer News (Texas Tech, Tulane, and more) 27:49 - Other News (The LBSU Sharks and more) 33:16 - Gambling Lookback 2018-19 (Individual & Consensus records, most/least profitable teams, most bet on teams, lessons learned, home court advantage, and more)