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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Jan 4, 2023

A new year is here, but the Weavers haven't gone anywhere! We're back with another weekly episode to discuss the NCAA Tournament potentially going to 90 teams, offense vs. defense in the Big Dance, mid-major darlings, and teams trending way up or way down since the start of December. Plus, other news tidbits in Root's Roundup, Weave Saw That featuring Michigan (bad) and Kansas State (good), and three weekend game previews. No resolutions here, just cold hard content. 

The Rundown
(0:10) - Intro (Reviews, Updates)
(8:38) - Root's Roundup (News and Notes)
(20:33) - Weave Saw That (Shocking Results)
(30:44) - Three Man Thoughts
(1:00:02) - Game Previews (UK at Bama, KU at WVU, Houston at Cincy)