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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Nov 16, 2022

As more results roll in, the Weavers put their heads together to analyze some of the results. Is the ACC broken? Or is that just Louisville and Florida State? Is the Big Ten a regular season juggernaut again? How much do we love the new flop technical rule? (We do not)

Root's Roundup knocks out a few bits of recruiting news, followed by We Saw That, Three Man Thoughts, and a couple weekend previews.

The Rundown
(0:09) - Intro & Reviews
(9:00) - Root's Roundup
(16:16) - We Saw That (Champ Classic thoughts, ACC = Bad, Pac-12 vs. SWAC, TCU = Bad)
(29:52) - Three Man Thoughts (Flop rule, Charges, Big Ten, Lock Room Rifts, This or That - Team Edition, Saint Mary's
(57:05) - Previews (Baylor/Virginia, Illinois/UCLA, Kentucky/Gonzaga)