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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Aug 18, 2022

Seven years of hoops. Six NCAA Tournament champions in the mix, plus countless more elite squads that did not quite reach the summit of their individual seasons. Now they're all pitted against each other in one mighty bracket challenge, built to determine: which team is the CHAMPION of the seven-year Weave Era?

We drafted a 16-team bracket --- 8 great teams, plus the 8 teams we deemed most likely to upset them in a single head-to-head matchup --- and debated our way through it until we crowned a champion. Plus, some takeaways about programs and years at the end.

The Rundown
(0:15) - Intro
(5:40) - Root's Roundup (R.I.P. Pete Carril, plus the clickbait headlines that we barely pretend to care about, like Bronny James and Calipari vs. Stoops at UK)
(15:43) - Champion of the Weave Era - breakdown and rules
(18:29) - Drafting the bracket + debating matchups
(1:15:03) - Final takeaways