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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Nov 17, 2021

After a frenetic first week of hoops, the Weavers gather around the hearth to try and make sense of what we saw. Is this season particularly crazy, relative to others? Why have Low Majors been absolute flamethrowers against the spread? Is the Pac 12 who we thought it was?  

We turn to our beloved longtime segment, Three Man Thoughts, to sort through these and other conundrums, plus Root's Roundup (news and notes) and a dash of game previews at the end. 

The Rundown
(0:00) - Intro, Reviews

(11:52) - Root's Roundup (News and Notes)

(27:10) - Three Man Thoughts (Craziness of this season, the Pac 12 status, low major dominance, fouling is way down, power conference bottom feeders, and more)

(55:25) - Game Previews (Ohio State at Xavier, Liberty vs. Iona, Yale at Vermont, Villanova vs. Tennessee, Purdue vs. North Carolina)