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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Aug 4, 2021

The Weave boys gather round the campfire and sift through the 55+ coaching hires of the college basketball offseason. Who were the best? Who were the worst? We'll tell you if you listen... 

The Rundown:

(0:00) Intro 

(6:20) Root's Roundup (News & Notes)

(6:28) Key Headlines (Texas & OU to SEC)

(9:15) Coaching News (Sheed & Alando)

(14:40) Recruiting News

(18:56) Transfers & Returners (Kofi, Carr, & more)

(25:05) Other News (Justin Bean's Bean Burrito)

(28:09) Coach Hire Grades (Best hires, worst hires, & more)