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Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

Nov 5, 2020

It's time to talk ACC! Matt revels in his Duke fandom while Ky and Jim debate whether the league will have a bounce-back season. Following a quick Root's Roundup, we get into the tiers and all-conference awards, and then it's a team-by-team breakdown in exhaustive detail. 


The Rundown
Intro - 0:00
Root's Roundup: 7:15
Talkin Tiers: 22:22
ACC All-Conference: 29:00
Virginia: 31:55
Duke: 37:35
UNC: 42:25
Louisville: 46:06
Florida St.: 51:10
Miami (FL): 54:15
Virginia Tech: 59:05
Clemson: 1:02:45
Syracuse: 1:05:39
NC State: 1:08:45
Georgia Tech: 1:12:28
Notre Dame: 1:16:12
Boston College: 1:19:50
Pitt: 1:22:16
Wake Forest: 1:27:15